Attention Small Business Owners!

At Meschi Consultants we love Xero and that is why it is the accounting software we recommend. James became a Xero Certified Advisor in September 2014 and is passionate about getting good software to small businesses that is fit for purpose, that’s why we chose Xero.

Xero provides easy to use accounting software that is accessible anywhere, anytime due its cloud based design.

This allows as many users as you wish to look at your data from anywhere you can get an internet connection, be that through your laptop, your tablet, or your mobile phone.

As your advisors we can also help with your data, be that from data entry all the way up to annual accounts.

Just like Xero we love to help, and we are here to make your businesses run to the best of their ability, and with Xero you will see an instant improvement in your knowledge about your business, and it’s always at your finger tips.

As part of our offering we provide 4 levels of service, all of these include a subscription to Xero should you wish to embrace cloud accounting.


  • Xero Subscription
  • Monthly basic accounts
  • Annual Basic Accounts
  • £50 per month

Level 1

  • Bookkeeping – Up to 200 transactions per month
  • Monthly basis Accounts
  • Quarterly Management Report
  • Annual Accounts
  • £99 per month

Level 2

  • Bookkeeping – up to 500 transactions per month
  • Monthly Management Accounts
  • Quarterly Report
  • Annual Accounts
  • £150 per month

Level 3

  • Bookkeeping – up to 1000 transactions per month
  • Monthly Management Accounts
  • Quarterly Report
  • Annual Accounts
  • FD Services on Quarterly Basis
  • £250 per month

Flexible packages to suit your needs

All packages are flexible to add or remove items to best fit the needs of your business.

Additional Services are available including payroll, pensions, Finance Director and Non-Executive Director support, should you want any of these services please get in touch with us.

10 Reasons why Clients love Xero

1. Safe and secure data

2. Available any time you’re online, anywhere in the world

3. Pay as you go with no up-front costs

4. Fast, simple and customised invoicing

5. Automated daily bank feeds

6. Unlimited online Xero support at no additional cost

7. Real-time collaboration with us, your advisors

8. Quick and easy VAT returns

9. Cashflow clarity

10. No installation, upgrades or maintenance

Refreshing approach to finance

“Meschi Consultants have a refreshing approach to finance. They are pragmatic, hands-on and inspire real confidence in their ability to sort out systems and get to the heart of your business needs.”

Rock-Solid Professional

“James is a rock-solid professional who has genuine empathy with the needs of SMEs. He is astute, patient and committed to delivering real results and giving business owners real peace of mind.”